This article highlights four reports you can use to help you manage your sponsored awards. Please review these reports at least every month to ensure that you maintain familiarity with our systems/reports AND that you stay on top of your spending. Your grant/financial administrator can assist you as needed. 

Sponsored Billing Activity (Found in Webwise/CIS: this will provide award demographics, and details on charges, invoices, collections, expenses, and activity by month.

SABER Suite (Found in Workday: a suite of four SABER reports housed in Sponsored Reports in the Campus Reporting Dashboard in Workday and providing information on budget, actuals, obligations, commitments, and available balances. “SABER – Sponsored Award Budget Expense Report” is a great starting point. 

Grants & Contracts Ad Hoc Salary Expenditure Details & Encumbrances Details (Found in LITE: provides salary details on individuals paid off of your awards over specific periods of time.

Grants & Contracts Ad Hoc Salary Expenditure Details & Encumbrances Details

PI Award Health Check (LITE and Workday Financials): a one-stop report providing award demographics and details on grant spending/budgets, open purchase orders, open sub-awards, and individuals paid.

PI Award Health Check

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