The Foundation Data Model (FDM) is the basis for accounting and financial reporting in Workday. This guidance document reflects the appropriate related and operational worktags that can be used for Grant (GR) driver worktags, along with other critical information needed for managing sponsored funding.   F&A RATES (FY24)   FRINGE BENEFIT RATES (FY24)   LEDGER ACCOUNTS vs. SPEND CATEGORIES
  Research - Capped 57.40%   Full Benefits 31.70%   Ledger accounts are six-digit numbers that are aligned with the USG and define revenues and expenses at a high level. Spend categories are at a more detailed level and identify specific types of expenses for a transaction. They start with SC and are followed by six digits.
  Research - Uncapped 66.50%   Limited Benefits 23.80%  
  Off-Campus Research - Capped 26.00%   Partial Benefits 1.50%  
  Off-Campus Research - Uncapped 35.20%   Graduate Student Health 7.30%  
  OSA/State of Georgia 36.70%   Monthly Tuition Rates (RI)  $ 1,557  
Questions? Contact Josh Rosenberg (jrosenberg34@gatech.edu)   Instruction 52.80%            
A fund group is a fiscal and accounting entity that has a self-balancing set of accounts and is designed to carry on specific activities or attain certain objectives in accordance with specific regulations, restrictions, or limitations.   The funding source (class) code serves as the indicator of the SOURCE of funding.   A functional classification (function code) is a method of grouping expenses according to the purpose for which the costs are incurred. A function code indicates how we USE the funds we have.   Object classes are used in Workday to group ledger accounts into categories for the purpose of grant invoicing.
Related Worktags used for PRIME OR RELATED Grants   Related Worktags used for PRIME OR RELATED Grants   Related Worktags used for PRIME OR RELATED Grants   1000- Salaries and Wages
2000 - Fringe Benefits
2500 - Tuition Remission
3000 - Domestic Travel
3500 - Foreign Travel
4000 - Materials and Supplies
5000 - Subcontracts
7000 - Equipment
8200 - High Performance Computing
8500 - Other Direct Costs
9000 - Sponsored Indirect Costs
FD20000-Restricted - Education and General Used for RI sponsored research   CL61000-Sponsored Operations - Federal Government Federal and Federal Flow   FN11100-General Academic Instruction Sponsored Instruction  
FD20100-Restricted - Student Financial Aid Grants Managed by Bursar Only   CL62000-Sponsored Operations - State Government Georgia Funded   FN12100-Individual or Project Research Research Grants  
FD21015-Restricted - Enterprise Innovation Institute (EII) Grants Managed by EII Only   CL62500-Sponsored Operations - States Other Than Georgia Other State and State Flow   FN12200-Institutes - Research Centers Research Grants - Normally GTRI Interdivisional  
FD21021-Restricted - Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) Interdivisional Grants from GTRI to RI   CL63000-Sponsored Operations - Local Government Non State Gov't   FN13100-Community Services Other Sponsored Activities  
      CL64000-Sponsored Operations - Private Industry, Non-Profit, Higher Ed, and Foreign   FN18100-Scholarships Scholarships Only  
            FN18200-Fellowships Fellowships Only      
Related Worktags used for COST SHARE Grants   Related Worktags used for COST SHARE Grants   Related Worktags used for COST SHARE Grants   ALLOWABLE COST MATRIX
FD10000-State Appropriations - Education General Funded by Institute    CL11200-State Appropriations Normally associated with FD10000 or FD11015   FN11110-Instruction (Cost Sharing) Sponsored Instruction   When making the determination as to whether an expense is appropriate for placement on a sponsored funding source, please consult the Georgia Tech Allowable Cost Matrix (https://controller.gatech.edu/allowable-cost-matrix). 
FD10500-Tuition - Education and General Funded by Institute    CL11800-Tuition Normally associated with FD10500   FN12120-Cost Sharing - Indiv or Project Research Research Grants  
FD11015-State Appropriations - Enterprise Innovation Institute (EII) EII Cost Share Only   CL41300-Departmental Sales and Services (DSS) - Public Services Normally associated with FD14415   FN13110-Community Services (Cost Sharing) Other Sponsored Activities      
FD14415-Dept Sales and Services (DSS) - Enterprise Innovation Institute (EII) EII Cost Share funded with Program Income   CL64000-Sponsored Operations - Private Normally associated with FD20200 or FD20300            
FD20200-Restricted - Foundation Funded by Georgia Tech Foundation                  
FD20300-Restricted - Research Organization Funded by Georgia Tech Research Foundation