The Project Accounting group is responsible for the financial management of sponsored projects from point of award through closeout (for all units except GTRI) including awards made by the Georgia Tech Foundation, Georgia Tech Research Corporation and financial management of scholarships and fellowships. Major functions include:

  1. Establishment of sponsored project accounts in the Georgia Tech General Ledger system and the Grants & Contracts Accounting System
  2. Manage project financial reporting and invoicing to sponsors of GTRC and Georgia Tech sponsored projects.
  3. Complete financial project close-out reports and final invoices.
  4. Maintain and manage the Grants & Contracts Accounting sub-system that obtains financial information from the Georgia Tech General ledger system, the PeopleSoft Salary Planning and Distribution System, the Georgia Tech Foundation system, and provides financial information to the Georgia Tech General Ledger system, the GTRC accounting system, and the web based Project Expenditure and Budget system (PEB).